Vets with new skills multiply in China

During the past few years of their joint veterinary training initiative, ACTAsia and Vets for Compassion (VFC) have been busy training and repeatedly assessing vets in China who have been selected and certified as Trainers themselves. The figures show encouraging progress.

In October 2015, our China Vet Trainers travelled to Xi’an to pass their new skills and knowledge to more vets, eager to improve their expertise. This was the tenth training session of its kind. The first day was based on theoretical classes attended by 40 vets and on the following two days, practical sessions were held to demonstrate all the veterinary procedures covered by the course. Twelve of the 40 vets also received practical training on topics such as anaesthesia, surgery, pre- and post-operative care, flank spay and more.

Train the trainers3train the trainers2

Trainers keep in touch with the newly qualified vets, and ongoing support is always offered as newly acquired skills and techniques are put into practise.

Between 2009 and 2015, a total of 792 vets have been trained throughout China, 492 directly by VFC and an additional 300 by our China Vet Trainers.