Cure with Care: our Professional Education

Can you imagine our society without vets?

No, neither can we.

We realise how crucial vets are for our animals, not only directly tending to them but also informing us on how best to care for them and advocating in their defence at official conventions.
Vets in China are trained mostly to work with large animals, they receive no information on general animal welfare and husbandry and they have limited access to drugs.

This is why ACTAsia, recognising their crucial role in improving animal welfare as well as the challenges they face as professionals, teamed up with Vets for Compassion (VFC) to offer them ongoing training and support.

VFC has certified Chinese vets as trainers to train other vets so that the work is continuously expanding – even after we have left the country, vets are still being trained, owners are still receiving better care for their animals and authorities still receive opinions from professional animal advocates on various issues.

During this month, we returned to visit our 7 certified vet trainers in China and offer many more vets the opportunity to sample our work. We were impressed with the progress:

  • All vets now have excellent surgical skills
  • All vets use correct types of General Anaesthetic (as opposed to mere sedatives used in the past)
  • All vets use pain relief
  • All vets and their assistants were very caring and gentle with the animals

Since the start of the project in 2009, ACTAsia and VFC has offered more than 700 vets training. All these numbers translate into thousands of dogs and cats like your own, owned or stray, suffering less and receiving better care.

With your help we can change even more companion animal lives.