Alliance for Animals in China (AAC)

Animal groups tend to work in isolation, and usually only share their experiences through opportunities organised by international groups. Learning from each other’s successful projects and working methods is the best way for Chinese animal groups to improve rapidly. They are enthusiastic about learning from other groups. Therefore, setting up examples of good practice would be one of the best ways to increase skills and knowledge among the groups. This is being done by building an alliance of groups across China (AAC). It aims to provide a platform for animal groups so they can obtain information, share resources, and take joint action on issues when necessary. AAC’s establishment has been encouraged and supported by ACTAsia since the initial planning stages.

The network’s objectives are:

  • Training and development of China’s animal protection organisations
  • Provide a platform for Chinese and international groups to interact and to share information and resources
  • Provide a platform to support Chinese animal protection groups with their individual projects
  • Promote animal welfare at a national level

Apart from the development of a website, a major task for the network over the coming year will be the sourcing, translation, and distribution of resources, and partnering ACTAsia in its national campaign.

A leaflet on promoting ‘animal sentience’ has been created by ACTAsia. Animal groups can add their names to the leaflet and distribute it in their own areas. We will also encourage animal groups to use the leaflet when they organise events for World Animal Day on 4th October through AAC.

A set of {cms_selflink page=’cat-cages’ text=’cat cages’} (one cat trap and one transfer cage) will be given to each cat rescue group that is part of the network.