Vets and other animal professionals are in an ideal position to make a difference to animal welfare standards in China. Although vets in China learn to care for livestock, their training does not focus on companion animals. But as pets become more popular in modern society, and pets stray to form large populations, expert knowledge is needed and numbers of cats and dogs need to be controlled.

Cure with Care is ACTAsia’s veterinary training program, developed and delivered in partnership with Vets Beyond Borders Australia. Focusing on companion animals, we teach vets modern sterilization techniques, how to support healthy populations of companion animals, the significance of rabies vaccinations, humane euthanasia and how best to advise owners on the care of their pets.

The training is delivered by Vets Beyond Borders Australia, with the message that people and companion animals can live together in harmony. We’re also widening the impact of our program by training vets to become educators themselves, and to share their new knowledge with a wider circle of animal professionals in China.