Achievements in veterinary training

Initially, ACTAsia provided professional development workshops to NGO volunteers across China, training them in concepts of animal welfare and advocacy, as well as general management and campaigning.

Since 2009, our focus moved to the veterinary profession and the direct impact it has on animal welfare. Partnering with Dr. Elaine Ong and Vets for Compassion, we’ve trained more than 100 Chinese vets in spay and neuter techniques, anaesthesiology, euthanasia and appropriate animal welfare standards, in cities including ShenZhen, Beijing, Dalian, DongGuan, and NanNing.

As a result of this training, more than 1,000 cats and dogs have been sterilized, there’s been a marked increase in veterinary clinics offering free or low cost spay and neutering services and hundreds of thousands of companion animals have received better care.

Furthermore, a 270-page training manual for practical operations has been produced in Chinese, as well as a DVD that shows all procedures.

More recently, our professional training has expanded to include other professionals as well as vets and NGOs, and this initiative is on track to make a considerable impact on welfare standards and compassionate living.