From 2009 to 2012, ACTAsia worked with Vets Beyond Borders of Australia to train more than 100 Chinese vets in spay and neuter techniques, anesthesiology, euthanasia and appropriate animal welfare standards in the cities of ShenZhen, Beijing, Dalian, DongGuan, and NanNing. Renewed funding from 2015 onwards means we can now expand our already effective program.

Free spay and neutering services

More than 1,000 cats and dogs have been sterilized by vets who were trained as a result of our program. Since our training program was launched, there’s been a marked increase in veterinary clinics offering free spay and neutering services.  We work with local animal welfare groups that press for continuing free services, helping to solve problems associated with local stray populations.

Better care for animals

Thousands of dogs and cats have received better care due to ACTAsia’s vet training. As well as developing spay and neuter clinics, trained vets are also able to vaccinate against rabies, relieving tensions between stray animals and local communities. As ACTAsia reinvests in its professional training program in 2015, we are working with Chinese vets who have already been certified as Vet Trainers during the first phase of the program. These vets have become educators themselves, extending the reach of our program.

Plans for 2015

This year, our program will train approximately 20 veterinary professionals in spay and neuter techniques, anesthesiology, euthanasia, and animal welfare standards. ACTAsia will audit the work of the previously certified Chinese trainers and test for re-certification. We’ll recruit and certify additional trainers. We’re always improving training techniques, maintaining written guidelines, educational posters and videos. We’ve produced a 270-page Chinese translation of the Vets Beyond Borders training manuals for practical operations, as well as a DVD that shows all procedures. Certified vet trainers are given a copy of each to assist with their own education programs.