ACTAsia’s pioneering Humane Education program – “Caring for Life” — was introduced into public schools in China three years ago, and we haven’t looked back since. It’s been better received than we ever hoped, and is achieving exceptional success.

Since 2012, we’ve been working with Chinese school authorities to champion the concepts of empathy and compassion among children. The ACTAsia course is the first Humane Education program to be incorporated into the Chinese public school curriculum.

“Caring for Life” is already inspiring thousands of children, parents and teachers to develop a sense of responsibility for the environment, and for the people and animals with whom we share the world.

Developed with the help of education and welfare experts, the program runs as part of the school curriculum throughout the academic year. The five subjects, each with two lessons, are

* Web of Life
* Animal Sentience
* Respect & Responsibility
* Friendly Interactions
* Developing Compassion & Empathy
These lessons are also adapted for children in other learning environments such as community centers, clubs and summer camps.

As more schools sign up to take part, we’re working with school administrators and policy makers to reach thousands more children in new school districts as part of our three year plan. To meet the demand, we will be training hundreds of new Humane Educators.