Since the launch of ACTAsia’s “Fur Free China” program in 2011, we’ve been gathering support and welcoming new converts to fashion with a conscience. “Fur Free China” is helping consumers understand that fur is a symbol of suffering, not status. In the same way that the fur-free movement changed the perception of fur in the UK during the ‘80s and ‘90s, we are working to turn the tide in China.

Fur Free Retailers

ACTAsia is the exclusive representative of the Fur Free Alliance in China, a coalition of dozens of international organizations that work towards ending the exploitation of animals for their fur. In the last four years, 24 Chinese retailers have signed on to our Fur Free program, including four new retailers in 2014.

Grassroots awareness

We work with grassroots organizations in China, helping them campaign for Fur Free fashion. Last year, we helped arrange more than 60 awareness events. We held two-day workshops at Tianjin University, attended by 18 animal advocacy groups, where we demonstrated effective methods for promoting a Fur Free life. Every year we produce educational brochures and posters, which last year focused on the dog and cat fur trade.

Fur Free fashion shows

This year in January, ACTAsia held our second Fur Free Fashion Show, supported by well-known Chinese singers and celebrities. Dozens of reporters attended, leading to extensive media and TV coverage.  Nineteen Fur Free brands exhibited from six different countries including U.S. vegan brand Vaute Couture, Chinese designer label TuneTune, American designer Jack Wolfskin and others from Germany, Korea and China. The international supplier LUSH contributed all the cosmetics.