ACTAsia celebrates 10th anniversary at the House of Commons

On October 10th 2016, this meeting of diverse representatives was a true celebration of progress, made through the hard work and commitment of ACTAsia’s many staff and volunteers. It also allowed a glance into the future at exciting new plans. Guests included experts in education, animal protection and human medicine, MPs, celebrities – some all the way from China – and of course, supporters of the organization.

Baroness Tessa Jowell and Minister of the Olympics noted ‘I am pleased to support the ACTAsia Caring for Life Humane Education initiative in China as this pioneering curriculum will help younger generations learn more about man’s responsibilities towards fellow humans, to animals and the environment’.

Executive Director of ACTAsia, Pei F. Su stated that ‘It has not been an easy 10 years, but all the positive project outcomes motivate myself and our staff to carry on with our work, despite the many challenges we are still facing. We sometimes get discouraged by the many horrible sights we experience. But it is many of our volunteers and people like you, who keep us going.’

The event was kindly sponsored by the Cassiey company and its founder, entrepreneur and pop singer Ning Kezhao (also known as KK), who travelled with a group of 13 supporters from China to London to attend this high profile celebration.

ACTAsia would like to thank all who helped to make this such a memorable evening, and we look forward to working with you all over the next 10 years.