ACTAsia awarded as Charity Team of the Year

On April 7th 2016, in Birmingham UK, ACTAsia won the Ceva Charity Team of the Year Award for its outstanding contribution to animal welfare and education, and the team’s tireless efforts to encourage social progress in China.

The Ceva Animal Welfare Awards ceremony is an independent annual event, and winners are selected by judges who are experts in animal welfare and veterinary medicine. Speaking at the ceremony, head judge Christopher Laurence, said: “Animal welfare is part of our life in this country but it doesn’t just happen. It requires those dedicated individuals who work week in, week out, year on year. They are just fantastic.” The awards recognise the admirable and highly valuable work of individuals and organisations dedicated to improving the lives of animals.

Of 200 nominations in the category, the finalists included long-established and respected charities, including the PDSA. Up against such stiff competition, ACTAsia felt “truly privileged and honoured to have won.” Ms Pei F. Su continues “We sincerely thank the judges for recognising our work in Caring for Life Education in schools and veterinary training (CPD) throughout China.”

The Ceva award marks ACTAsia’s tenth anniversary this year. It also follows recognition last year by the 2015 Urbanization Award, as one of China’s ten most influential organizations. Our team of volunteers and staff are delighted by the news, which will motivate us to continue our dedicated efforts in China.

*ACTAsia: Listed as one of the 10 most influential organisations in China, the ACTAsia team promote Humane Education, Animal Welfare and Environmental Protection. The team have been recognised for their outstanding work in a geographic region where public awareness is low and censorship is high. Consisting of a dedicated team of volunteers and employees alike, ACTAsia initiatives include the training of more than 800 teachers and more than 700 vets in the field of animal welfare.