Moving our teacher training outdoors

ACTAsia frequently runs training programs throughout the year for volunteers, students and teachers to attend and learn about Humane Education.

Recently, nearly 40 volunteers and teachers taking part in ACTAsia’s Humane Education Program joined the outdoor education event at Grand Windmill Farm (GWF), in Zhongshan. The two-day event was a great success, bringing people from Tencent Volunteers Association, Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association, Zhuhai Tang Guoan Memorial School, Beijing Normal University and universities in Wuhan together and offering them interactive training.


Our humane educators, the student and the teachers observed all the animals on the farm, including horses, rabbits, turkeys, pigs and others, learned how best to care for them and made toys and other environmental enrichment for them.

A teacher from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus said: “I never knew that pigs were such clean animals… this experience shatters the many stereotypes of animals we have. Animals have feelings, perception and human-like traits. I also learned the importance of the Five Freedoms for animal welfare today.’’

GWF horse

Participating in the GWF workshops, we offer our trainees unique opportunities to interact with animals and witness their expressions of sentience first hand – a valuable experience for any educator to then offer to students across China as a lesson.