Caring for Life course breaks all records

In the third year of delivering our Caring for life, Humane Education programme, we are so proud to share some of the achievements with you that no one would have thought possible in the world’s fastest growing economic power. To date, we have:
– trained 539 Humane Educators
– taught 13,700 children aged five to eight years about respect for life,
– presence in 80 public schools (Zhuhai, Shenzhen, WuHan, Dalian and Xiamen), rural schools (Sichuan and Gansu province), community centers and summer camps (Xiamen).


Remember, these children will be the major consumers of and decision makers on animal industries like the fur trade, dog and cattle eating, wild animal exploitation and pet keeping! And it is for the first time that they are being taught that animals are sentient beings that need respect and care.

But there is more. We have reached a major milestone in Dalian by establishing a formal collaboration with the XiGang district and education bureau. Our programme will be taught in all 21 primary schools in this district, covering one/sixth of the six million people in Dalian.

We are also extremely pleased by the endorsement we received from a member of the central party’s educational committee, called the ‘Concerning Next Generation committee’, based in Beijing. The impact of our Humane Education programme as part of a nationally approved curriculum would be amazing, and with support like this it could become a reality.