Homeless man’s only friend brutally killed

The man and his animal companion were living together for quite some time in the streets of the city centre, without causing any problems. When the man couldn’t answer the questions of the two officers, they attacked and beat the dog for ten minutes, eventually killing it. This all happened while the homeless man was holding his dog on a leash.
There were many bystanders, among them children, but nobody dared to stand up for the dog and his owner.

ACTAsia immediately sent a protest letter to the municipality, signed by 67 Chinese animal protection groups. We called for an investigation and for the police officers to be disciplined, and for the prevention of similar incidents. We also issued a statement to the media to raise sympathy and awareness for the vulnerable homeless and the comfort they can get from equally vulnerable stray animals. The widespread coverage of the incident led to an outcry among the Chinese public.

On a daily basis, we see appalling examples of the treatment that the weakest in Chinese society endure. The only reason we’re writing about this tragic incident is that it illustrates the urgency of our work in China. We have a long way to go, but if we want to prevent these atrocities in the future, we must act now. With your help, we can continue to:
– expose and condemn animal abuse, and gather public support,
– educate children to respect and care for life, through our pioneering humane education project in schools and community centres,
– strive to introduce and enforce animal protection laws.