The agony of the Angora rabbit: sheared, plucked or skinned alive

Despite this, their pelts are being ‘harvested’ in massive amounts, causing extreme pain. Tied by the paws they are roughly sheared, plucked or skinned alive, whilst screaming out of fear and pain.

Over ninety percent of the Angora wool and fur is produced in China, where there still is no law in place to protect even basic welfare standards of animals.
The wool and fur are used in clothing and various accessories, which find their way to a big buyers market – both national and international!

What can you do?
– Be a caring consumer and check labels. If it contains (Angora) wool or fur, or you suspect that it may do, please don’t buy it. Inform the shopkeeper or store owner – often they are unaware of the animal abuse behind their products.
Support our NO Fur campaign in China with a donation, so we can prevent potential consumers from buying bloody fur products.

If the demand stops, the cruelty will stop!