Dog butchers benefit, dogs and owners suffer

In Harbin City, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, a new dog keeping management regulation was passed on 20 November 2011 and took effect from 1 April 2012.

The regulation states that every dog has to be removed from the city that:

  • is over 50cm in height and 70cm in length,
  • is on the list of 49 dog breeds labeled as dangerous dogs,
  • is not the only dog in the household.

In a press conference organised by the municipality on 30th of March, was told that owners of dogs that meet the regulation should reallocate their dog within six months. If owners cannot find a new home for their pets, they have to hand them over to the authority.

However on the 2nd of April, a dog owner was given a warning and told to remove the animal within two days, otherwise the municipality would confiscate the animal. This incidence caused great public concern, but appeared to be a good opportunity for dog dealers who are buying ‘listed’ dogs and sell them to the dog market for meat.

ACTAsia will issue a joint statement with local groups to submit to the authority and circulate to the media.

Dog meat dealers are busy buying dogs from owners who are scared to be fined. Animal lovers had a direct conflict with the dog dealers and caused public attention.


A volunteer completely upset, as she couldn’t save a Golden Retriever that would be slaughtered by night. An elderly resident explaining that the dog he has for so many years, is like his only family member. He doesn’t know what to do…..


Animal volunteers call upon the public, to protest against the new regulations. They collected signatures for abandoning the ‘size’ rule and save ‘big’ and ‘dangerous’ dogs.