More campaigning against fur throughout China

Dalian – Students shouting out against fur!

There’s a movement going on! Watch this short clip on the younger generation in China, taking a stance and shouting out against the fur industry. With special thanks to Pet100 in Dalian, China, who informed and gathered students from various universities in their region.






Beijing – For ten days, members of the vegetarian society of China Agricultural University, Beijing, attracted students to their anti-fur event by going nude to convey the message “I’d rather be naked than wear fur”. And they succeeded! A lot of students wanted to learn more, and received information on the cruel fur industry. A fantastic and creative way to support our NO Fur China campaign! Shanghai – the Student Alliance for Animal Rights of the University of Tongji held a NO Fur awareness event. They spread the anti-fur message for two days at various locations on and off the school campus, and in major shopping areas in Shanghai city centre. Apart from distributing leaflets and collecting signatures, they also hosted a live Q & A session to explain the suffering of animals in the fur processing industry to the public.


Zhuhai – Members of the student club (Youth Volunteer Group) contacted ACTAsia because they wanted to join the NO Fur campaign and promote animal protection among Chinese youth in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. They held a ten day awareness event at their university campus and in Zhuhai city centre. In total, 1000 leaflets were handed out, 1500 students stopped to read the information boards and 250 anti-fur pledges were signed.