Fur Free China full speed ahead

Last weekend, our 2014-2015 ‘Fur Free China’ campaign officially kicked off in Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China.

44 student leaders from nineteen provinces across China, came to Wuhan to take part in our campaign strategy workshop. The next day, they were joined by two hundred local students and volunteers for the opening ceremony of the campaign.


After handing over the ‘Fur Free Life’ flag to the local animal welfare group, all attendees rode a six kilometre bicycle tour through downtown Wuhan. Dressed up as animals, promoting a fur free lifestyle in a fun way, they drew a lot of attention; the event was covered by several TV channels and radio stations in Wuhan.

At the same time, five volunteers from Wuhan went all the way (1200 kms) to Ghuangzhou to run the Ghuangzhou marathon.


In the coming months, during the peak season of fur sales, the 44 student leaders – together with their groups- will further spread the ‘Fur Free Life’ message in their own cities.