Fur Free China campaign highlights dog and cat fur

It is estimated that around two million dogs and cats are being slaughtered in China for their fur, every year. This is a ‘cheap source’ of fur because the animals are usually strays, stolen pets or used for food. Subsequently, the fur is exported under false labelling to Western countries (where there is a ban on dog and cat fur), or used in the Chinese domestic market.

The public in China is not really aware of the use of pets for the production of fur. Fur producers don’t know the controversy their sales could cause.

After a visit to a wholesale fur market in Ghuangzhou, China, July 2013, ACTAsia’s volunteer Nel van Amerongen reports:
Endless rows of shops spread over two floors, displayed the largest amount of dead animal skins I have ever seen. Countless pelts of snow and blue foxes, mink, rabbits, raccoon dogs, horses and any other animal you could imagine, were hanging there. One seller told me, almost proudly, that the dog fur was ‘real German Shepherd, Husky and Golden Retriever’, while pointing at clearly recognisable piles of pelts. Then he showed me blankets made of cat skin. The fur was sold all over the world….

We are running our Fur Free China campaign for the fourth consecutive year. With help from a growing number of organisations, celebrities and not least, from you, we are able to spread the anti-fur message even wider than before. But the battle is not over. This years’ focus is on the plight of dogs and cats suffering in the Chinese fur industry.

Will you help us to raise awareness in more areas in China? Please make a donation to support our campaign.

If you are not yet convinced about the necessity, take a look at this movie trailer ‘The Cry of Innocent’ made by independent US filmmaker Kathleen Lowson, with whom we are cooperating. This great trailer shows the suffering of these innocent animals. Be warned, there are disturbing images throughout.