Fur Free China campaign 2012-2013

Starting with a strategy planning meeting in September, where we mobilised the most effective groups on the Fur  Free campaign from previous years, more than 60 anti-fur awareness events have taken place across the country. Animal groups, college students and other volunteer groups from North to South China have staged events to raise awareness on the cruelty behind fur.

Many celebrities are showing their support for the No Fur campaign. Among them internationally acclaimed film director Hou Xiaoxian and famous model/actress Vivian Zhang.
Mrs. Zhang used to endorse fur clothing but is rejecting the use of fur altogether, now she knows what happens in the fur industry.

Popular Chinese rockband Pet Conspiracy has also joined and will spread the anti-fur message during their tour in China, Asia and Europe.

ACTAsia has become the official representative in China for the Fur Free Retailer programme, which recognises and supports retailers who have committed, in writing, to a no fur policy. Joined by prominent people from the fashion industry, we held a press conference to launch the programme. At the event, the first retailers signed up to the programme, and the event was reported widely on online news sites.

In November, volunteers from ACTAsia and Shenzhen Cats, gave a fabulous street performance at the Shenzhen Fringe Festival. Dressed as cavemen, they conveyed the message that wearing fur is prehistorical behaviour of wearing fur and doesn’t fit in modern society.

Because of the great response last year, we have opened another self-portrait photo competition, where Chinese citizens can demonstrate their creativity by submitting an image displaying their message against fur.

For some entries, take a look at our Facebook album.
The antifur demonstrations by animal groups and students are spreading further to all corners of China. Also new provinces are reached with the Fur Free China events this year: Xinjiang (Northwest), Sichuan(Southwest), Jilin (Northeast), Hei Bei (North) and Fujian (Southeast).
Chinese New Year will be celebrated by millions of people on the 10th of February, and it will be the Year of the Snake. One custom at the occasion is to buy luxurious clothes and gifts, and fur sales are reaching a peak.

We have posted our NO Fur banner online in China, urging the public not to buy and wear ‘bloody’ fur products.
Highly popular Chinese actress and model Zhang Xin Yu, is supporting our anti fur campaign in a great way. She shared our ‘No Fur for Chinese New Year’ pledge with her with 8.4 million (!) fans on Weibo. This astonishing number of mainly young people is now being urged to reject the consumption of fur products!