Pei pas

Pei-Feng Su, the Executive Director and co-founder, has been active in animal advocacy for fifteen years. She has spearheaded various campaigns in Asia on issues including Chinese bear farming, fur farming, the illegal turtle trade, zoos and stray animal management. She also has in-depth knowledge and experience in strategic planning and international animal welfare project management in diverse environments. Over the last seven years she has focused on building the capacity of local advocates around the world. Pei has a Master’s degree in Sociology. She is from Taiwan, and lives in the UK.

Isobel Zhang is our China Manager. She helps to develop and implement ACTAsia’s programs in the country and works with local animal protection groups. In 2002 she founded Shenzhen Cats, an organisation to promote better welfare for stray and owned cats. She has experience in lobbying local authorities, public awareness and media campaigns, rescue, fostering and adoption, event organising and building collaborative networks. She has a Master’s degree from the Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Sciences, and is based in Shenzhen.

Kerenza 2

Kerenza Vlastou – International Projects Officer. She joined ACTAsia in 2015 after many years of working within the animal protection sector and completing a BA(Hons) in Leadership & Management. She also continues to be an active volunteer and President of the Cretan Animal Welfare Society (CAWS) in Greece.

Shannon (2)

Shannon Huang – Education officer. Shannon joined ACTAsia in 2015 with an ambition to make the world a better place. She graduated from Zhuhai Campus of Beijing University and her studies focused on English Education and Philanthropy Career Management.

Echo (1)

Echo Liu is ACTAsia’s senior education officer. Echo graduated with a BA in Education in 2013. She was trained by ACTAsia as a Humane Educator in 2012 and became a full time member of staff in 2014.


Jessica Su is our Operations Manager in China since 2009. She handles all our China administrative matters,  including project finances, staff and volunteer management. She is responsible for our resource distribution to local groups and plays a major role in management of our events.


Nel van Amerongen, Communications officer, was regional manager for an international animal welfare society in The Netherlands, where she was responsible for all fundraising, campaigning and communications. Nel has a Master’s degree in psychology and currrently lives in Singapore.